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Oakwood Advisory Group was founded to provide an open investment platform for individuals and families to invest wherever their heart’s desire and not be bound to a mutual fund or stock their broker or advisor is restricted.  While we believe traditional investments (i.e. stocks, bonds and mutual funds) are a key component and staple to one’s portfolio, we also believe we can provide attractive alternatives outside the markets to balance a portfolio and reduce overall risk. Our goal is to educate and expand the mindset of our clients to look beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds and share with them other ways to invest.

In addition to asset management, we provide comprehensive financial planning, insurance planning and work with CPAs and Attorney’s to guide clients in tax and estate planning on a fee based arrangement.  As a Fiduciary, our duty is to always put the client’s interest first, be transparent, and work with our clients to make the best decision that is best for them and their situation.

From the beginning, we have encouraged our clients to look beyond the limitations of traditional portfolio management, financial planning and business consulting.  We continue to provide our clients with innovative portfolio management, adding broader diversification through the use of investment options that remain largely unavailable to independent investors.

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Ragan Young CFP®, is the founder and managing member of Oakwood Advisory Group with over 15 yrs. of investment experience in advising individuals and families on investment matters.

His responsibilities include managing client relationships, developing risk based asset allocation models, researching and advising on both public and private investments, and estate and income tax planning.

Before starting Oakwood Advisory Group, Ragan has been fortunate to have worked in several firms that have allowed him to work with clients ranging from negative Net Worths to familes over $80MM.  In addition to having a B.B.A. in Accounting from West Texas A&M University, Ragan is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and also holds his Group 1 Life Insurance in the state of Texas.