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We all have the same questions.

Am I making enough money for the life I want to live? Am I doing everything I can to not lose what I’ve earned? Am I growing it enough? Is there an opportunity outside of my typical investment account? Have I worked hard enough, made enough and invested wisely enough to live the life I want to lead?

We can all relate.

We Exist So All May Prosper

This isn’t a coy phrase, it’s what we truly believe and why this work is meaningful. Prospering may be partly financial, but it most likely includes more aspects of your life than you ever paused to consider.

So, let’s consider it together.

Ragan Young, CFP

Ragan’s a dad, soccer junkie, pretty decent golfer and unofficial “mayor” wherever he goes. As a designated CFP®, and as the principal of Oakwood Advisory Group, LLC, he’s taken an oath of trustworthiness, which means that when he pursues this vision of prosperity for people, he does it in a way that maintains this highest fiduciary standard. To him, being trustworthy means staying curious. Always asking questions, moving around with his eyes up, never resting on old, stale assumptions. He’s easygoing, but with a hyperactive and questioning brain for people and investments.

He’s the founder and managing member of Oakwood Advisory Group with over 20 yrs. of investment experience advising individuals and families. In his prior life, he worked with everyone ranging from families with negative net worths, to individuals worth over $80MM. Yes, anyone can prosper. In addition to having a B.B.A. in Accounting from West Texas A&M University, Ragan is a Certified Financial Planner™, and also holds his Group 1 Life Insurance in the state of Texas.

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We Blend Two Worlds.

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Uncommon Investing

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